At AIMS, we offer a unique experience.  We tailor our policy management systems especially for your company.  We currently have two options for using our system:  purchase of system or leasing of system.  If the system is purchased, then a business has non-distributional sole ownership of the system (and data) and can call AIMS at any time to modify the system in any way (at the current hourly rate).  If the system is leased, it is a set of specific monthly charges per company, which includes any needed maintenance and modifications (major system changes, that a company requests, are charged at our hourly rate).

Software Services

AIMSpc is a software system that fits your company’s unique needs by combining specific components, setting up your personal implementation schedule and designing the hardware needs to suit your company size, and it doesn’t stop there.  AIMS works with you to provide technical support on program modifications as your business grows and changes.

Hardware and Network Services

On a case-by-case basis for each customer, we offer our remote service and support for hardware and network troubleshooting. We have experience in multiple networks and various hardware configurations. We also try to provide remote support for printers and connections when possible. We can  provide base system hardware configurations and help in acquiring the required computer systems. We can provide on-site support  for system implementation and training at our current hourly rate.

We encourage clients to have local hardware support for major hardware problems.

Private Cloud and Disaster Recovery

With the AIMS system we provide private cloud storage space for clients to back-up the system databases to our off-site servers. This is a simple first step in beginning a Disaster Recovery plan. We maintain a current copy of the customized client/user system to assist in both recovery and testing. We are also available to assist in the planning of a companies full Disaster Recovery plan.

Consulting Services

We also offer independent insurance software and hardware consulting services on various products and software design at our current hourly rates.