Values and History


At AIMS, our customers come first.  Since before 1980 we have prided ourselves in satisfying all of our clients needs. Our core company philosophy is to provide a quality product for our customers in a personal way. We don’t want to just sell a software system, we want to sell our systems and make sure you know how to best use it for you companies needs.  We keep this customer commitment by:  actively listening to your needs, suggesting a solution that will fit all of your system needs, and providing quality work while remaining flexible throughout the entire partnership.


Our original logo

The first AIMS insurance policy management system was created in 1979.  It was based on the design and workflow of an insurance company.  Our lead system analyst and software engineer, Jack W. McReynolds (1930-2010), spent significant time learning the inner workings of the insurance industry from the company’s point of view.  Using this knowledge, the various AIMS systems have the ability to function within the company’s structure, rather than making the company conform to the software package’s structure.


From the original software, this system has evolved into the current personal and commercial client/server versions of the AIMS systems.  AIMS has a combined total of over 70 years of experience with policy and management systems in the insurance industry.

Jack McReynolds and AIMS